Tuesday, May 18, 2010

NYLINK to phase out

May 17, 2010-Albany – Nylink, a non-profit membership organization, will phase out its operations over the next 12 months. Steep declines in Nylink’s revenue as a result of fundamental changes in its business environment have seriously degraded Nylink’s ability to remain fully self-supporting. Part of the State University of New York System, Nylink has operated as a self-funded entity serving libraries throughout New York.

“Unfortunately, the revenue just isn’t there any longer, and we have no choice but to wind down operations,” said W. David Penniman, Executive Director of Nylink. “We are working with our staff, vendors and members to ensure a smooth transition over the next 12 months.”

Penniman emphasized that Nylink staff will continue to serve members through the coming year while being provided outplacement support during that period as well.

Over the next year, Nylink staff will be working closely with SUNY officials as well as Nylink members to assure a smooth transition of its key services to other organizations that can support members’ needs. Members will be provided options to choose from for alternative sources of services and Nylink leadership is entering into discussions with key organizations to fill the void created by its closure.

Nylink’s commitment to the broader community of libraries within New York dates back to 1973 when it was founded as the SUNY/OCLC Network (http://nylink.org) to provide emerging automation services in cataloging and resource sharing. Over the years, Nylink has grown to provide a variety of services to over 500 libraries, library systems and groups, museums, and cultural heritage organizations.

Included in Nylink’s membership are most of the 64 campuses of SUNY, all CUNY libraries, and the New York State Library, as well as private institutions of higher education, including all of New York’s major research libraries and medical and law school libraries, public libraries including the New York Public Library, and other organizations needing training and services. Services include a statewide delivery service for libraries (LAND) and a recently introduced low-cost electronic resource management system (True Serials) which is marketed nationwide.

For more information contact W. David Penniman, Executive Director, Nylink at pennimand@nylink.org or call 518-443-5444 or go to Nylink’s website at http://nylink.org


Kathleen Gundrum
Associate Executive Director
SUNY, State University Plaza
Albany, NY 12246